Here at Profile, we pride ourselves in having the best sunbeds in the area. We have both a stand up and our ‘Caribbean’ laydown.

Not only do they provide a great tan, but they also make you feel great; especially in the dark cold days.

Despite the fun, and the great looks, we also take a very professional approach. We follow very strict guidelines to ensure that safety is number one priority.

  • Our sunbeds are serviced at recommended intervals, and all bulbs and power are compliant with European Standards.
  • Upon your first use, we will always advise you on the maximum time according to your skin type.
  • We will ensure that you know how to use and operate safely.
  • We also use Australian Gold tanning creams to help bring out a deeper and longer lasting tan.

Minimum age for sunbed usage is 18yrs. ID may be requested on the day.

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