For the best results please follow the Lash perfect after care guidelines:

Although it is rare, it can happen. This will usually happen within the first 48 hours, so please contact us as we have the correct gels and creams to allow the applied lashes to come out without any damage to your natural lashes.

The life cycle and expectancy of your Lash Perfect lashes:

Week 1
Your lashes should look good for the first 10-14 days without the need for maintenance.

Week 2
Your lashes will start to look less full as your natural lash cycle begins to shed. This is the time when you should book a 15-30 maintenance session.

Week 3
If you have chosen not to maintain your lashes you will see your Lash Perfect lashes becoming more spaced and you will need to use mascara to give your eyes more impact. If you have maintained your lashes on week 2, then the extra lashes attached will maintain a fuller effect. However you will experience a certain amount of falling, these will be the lashes that were applied 4 weeks ago and fall naturally as part of your hair cycle.

Week 4
Towards the end of this week you will need a full one hour maintenance or a new set. If you have not had a maintenance then your set of lashes will be almost gone.

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